Refrigerate Type Centrifuge (Benchtop)

Refrigerated Type Centrifuge (High Capacity) CN-650RD

Refrigerated Type Centrifuge (High Capacity) CN-650RD

Speed: 500~6,000rpm, Max.RCF:5,760xg, Temperatuer range:0~40℃
Feature of CN-650RD : 
1、Brushless Motor
2、LCD digital panel with temperature, RPM & RCF switch, setting and display functions
3、10 memory programs for presetting parameters
4、With auto power-off safety devices included rotor imbalance, overload, and error indication
5、With the pre-cooling function

Specification : 
Model  CN-650RD
Speed 500~6,000 rpm
Max. RCF 5,760 xg
Max. Capacity 1,000 ml
Temperature range 0℃ ~ 40℃
Timer 99min : 59sec
Weight 75 kg
Size W800 x L600 x H380 mm
Power AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Rotor set for CN-650RD
 Swing rotor for RS-9602,RS-2504

Angle rotor set for RA-1512H-1,RA-5008 :

 Swing rotor for RS-50 :

 Swing rotor for RS-55A :

 Swing rotor for RS-100 :

 Swing rotor for RS-250 :

Tubes not included.  
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